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Live Plant Elodea


Egeria densa: Stem plant with 3-5 narrowly lanceolate leaves arranged in whorls. Shoot length approx 60cm and more. Grows 10 cm per week. The lower the redox value, the faster the growth rate. Propagation by top cuttings. The plant will then grow side shoots, which can be detached and planted.

Live Plant Pigmy chain sword plant


Echinodorus tenellus: Rosette plant with 1-2 mm wide leaves growing 2 runners per week approx 5-8cm high. Special note: Green in shaded spots, reddish in bright light. Excellent foreground plant.

Live Plant Indian Water Wisteria


Hygrophila difformis: Highly pinnate, light green leaves. Shoot length: 50 cm. Grows shoots approx 50cm long, 10 cm per week. Propagation by Top cuttings, Side shoots. Special note: Do not plant too densely, as even the bottom leaves require plenty of light.

Live Plant Broad-leafed Anubias


Anubias barteri var barteri: Stemmed, firm, leathery leaves of more or less distinct heart-shape. Grows 5-6 leaves per year approx 15-35 cm high. Propagation by side shoots from the rhizome. Special note: The name spec. barteri is a collective denomination for a number of very similar, but difficult to distinguish, varieties of different sizes.

Live Plant Dwarf Anubias


Anubias barteri var. nana: Low-growing, creeping plant. Height: 8-12 cm. Grows 8-10 leaves per year. Propagation by side shoots. Special note: Will also grow well tied onto rocks or wood.

Live Plant Beckett's Cryptocoryne


Cryptocoryne beckettii: Lanceolate leaves are usually a rich green color and have an interesting brown flame-like pattern. Grows 1-2 leaves per month approx. 10-20 cm high. Propagation by runners.

Live Plant Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown


Cryptocoryne wendtii: Medium-sized brown wendtii. Leaves mostly chocolate-brown to olive-brown. Grows 1-2 leaves per month approx 10-15cm high. Propagation by runners.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 15 products)