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    SERA Raffy P


    Staple food for terrapins.

    The tasty floating food sticks for the daily feeding of terrapins consist of a mixture of aquatic and herbal components. They are therefore also ideally suited for older terrapins that prefer herbal ingredients in their food.

    SERA Raffy I


    Gammarus mix for reptiles and amphibians.

    The carefully blended mixture of small natural food animals (gammarus, anchovies, shrimps) provides ideal natural food for carnivorous reptiles and amphibians (e.g. terrapins, axolotl). The food is rich in natural mineral substances and ballast substances, and contains more than 4% calcium – the basis for healthy bone and shell growth. It’s an ideal addition to sera raffy P, sera raffy Mineral and sera reptil Professional Carnivor.

    Pros Choice Turtle Sticks


    Pro's Choice Turtle Sticks are protein-enriched diet supplying additional Lactic acid calcium and multi-vitamins necessary for growth of turtle shell. Eye disorders prevented. High digestibility ensured.

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein, min  35 %
    Crude Fat, min  4.0 %
    Crude Fiber, max  3.0 %
    Moisture, max  10 %
    Ash, max  10 %

    Pros Choice Axolotl Food


    Pro's Choice Axolotl food is an excellent formula that contains essential vitamins and vital minerals to axolotl health and growth.

    • High digestibility ensured.
    • High levels of complex vitamins.
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein, min  44 %
    Crude Fat, min  5.0 %
    Crude Fiber, max  3.0 %
    Moisture, max  10 %
    Ash, max  15 %

    Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)