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API Algae Scraper


Algae Scraper for acrylic aquariums

45cm long handle.

Aqua One Scraper MultiClean Tool Extendable


Cleaning aquariums just got easier... Aqua One Scraper MultiClean is a multi-function aquarium cleaning and maintenance tool, keeping your aquarium clean and shiny! It’s interchangeable head gives you three applications in ONE tool

  • Interchangeable head allows three applications in ONE tool
  • Swivel polishing pad to clean walls of glass and acrylic aquariums
  • Gravel rake to tidy gravel displaced by fish activities or gravel cleaning
  • Stainless steel scraper to scrape stubborn algae from glass aquariums (not suitable for acrylic aquariums)
  • Compact design and quality construction
  • Easy access to hard to reach spots
  • Adjustable length to reach deeper aquariums without getting hands wet

Tom Aquatics Heavy Duty Glass Polisher Attachment


Cleans & polishes your glass aquarium with ease, even curved surface by turning polisher 90 degrees.

Tom Algae Replacement Scraper


Tom Aquatics Replacement Scraper allows you to exercise the full power of the Tom Magical Cleaning Rod Use it to rid your aquarium walls of algae without fear of scraping the walls How s that for some magic Replaces scraping blade on the Tom Magical Cleaning Rod Removes algae from aquarium walls without scratching Features stainless steel blade for glass surfaces grooved joint for plastic surfaces

Aqua One Aquarium Filter Brushes 3 Types


Brush - Aquarium Filter Brushes 3 Types.

Mag-Float Scrape and Clean (L)


The ultimate floating magnet aquarium cleaner

  • Scrape & Clean In One
  • For Glass Only
  • Up to 5"/8" / 16mm

Replacement blades can be purchased for this product in packs.

Mag-Float Replacement Scraper Blades x 2


Replacement scraper for the large and Large + Mag-Float (Glass Only!)

  • Easy removal of algae from glass/acrylic surfaces
  • No longer knock over decorations, damage corals and invertebrates
  • No longer get your hands submerged into the water of the fish tank
  • Time/money saver on maintenance
  • Large cleaning surface area makes the job quick and efficient
  • Stays free of debris
  • Can be maintained attached to aquarium surface
  • Strong, high-quality neodymium rare earth magnets
  • Available for glass and acrylic aquariums
  • Can be used on freshwater and saltwater tanks
  • Magnet does not lose strength over time
  • Easy retrieval of inner magnet

Replacement blades can be purchased for this product in packs.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 9 products)